Charging amperage questions.

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  1. steeven001

    steeven001 New Member

    Hey all I just got a used LG Eve but it didn't come with an ac wall charger. I'm located in Canada.

    A pc puts out 500mA through usb as most of you know and I find it takes awhile to charge this phone through my pc. My pc is also in the basement while my room is 2floors above that and I generally like to charge my phone next to my bed while I sleep.

    How many amps does the ac wall charger put out?

    Also I have a usb powersupply thing that puts out 5volts at 2amps would this be too much for the phone/battery and kill it?

  2. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    the travel ac adapter that came with my eve has an output voltage rating of 5.1vdc @ 0.7amps. the model number of the lg charger is: STA-U12WR

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