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Charging in the carSupport

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  1. ViceroyArgus

    ViceroyArgus New Member

    I just got an LG Lucid last week. I've been using it with Navigation while playing music in the car. Despite being on the standard VZW car charger, it slowly dies. Settings indicate that it's Charging (AC). Any ideas?

  2. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member

    The standard car charger doesn't have a high enough output, try to find a aftermarket one that has a 1 or 2 amp output and not the .5 or less that most are. I believe most are a 450 milliamp (.45amp) so it charges slowly, like a trickle charger, the higher the output amperage the quicker it will charger, same with your home charger they standard one that comes with the Lucid takes forever to charge, so I use the one that came with my LG Ally - it's a slightly higher output and charges faster. They say to try to find one that charges tablets - they are around 2 amps output and will charge it pretty fast....
  3. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Can you link me some links?I hate the home charger.Thanks!
  4. noseph

    noseph Well-Known Member Contributor

    The Palm Pre Car Adapter Amazon.com: Palm Vehicle Power Charger for Palm Pre and Pixi: Cell Phones & Accessories is a 1 amp charger. You will be hard pressed to find a proper 2 amp charger since most (if not all) are made to Apple specs and will only deliver .5 amp to non-Apple devices. If you really want a 2 amp car adapter Wheel_nut in the WebOS Nations Forum Is there a car charger that will work with the Touchpad? - webOS Nation Forums has modified units for sale.

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