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  1. alanad808

    alanad808 Active Member

    today is the first time I noticed this, about the charging LED.

    I plugged in my husbands HTC EVO shift 4g to charge and the LED (that normally glows amber to show it's charging) is repeatedly blinks amber, then green.

    I unplugged it from the charger, then plugged it in again & it did the same thing. So far I know that this isnt normal... unless an update made it different?

    anyone else got a clue?

    thx every1,

  2. meekrol

    meekrol New Member

    I never seen this on mine but i would guess it is some type of battery issue. I would take the battery out then reinstall, and also try another charger and cable.
  3. met.watts

    met.watts New Member

    My shift's charge light does that every time my phone gets too hot, so I take it as a sign to let it cool off. I'm suprised nobody else has had that happen to them.

    Was your phone unusually hot?
  4. alanad808

    alanad808 Active Member

    it's usually hot when I use it a lot, but it didnt do that when it was hot. Only when it's charging 0.o
  5. *harbinger*

    *harbinger* Member

    blinking orange then blinks green then repeats? or blinks orange then it goes green and stays on?

    2 possible ideas:
    1. i have no idea if the phone will actually do this or not, but if the battery is close to being dead it kicks off the blinking orange. if you get a message it blinks green. will it do one then the other when the battery is that low? if so that may be whats going on.
    2. the battery is possibly toast.
  6. alanad808

    alanad808 Active Member

    blinks orange then green and repeats...

    I know if the batt is low, it will blink orange only. but this issue didnt repeat itself after I rebooted my phone.

    maybe an HTC hiccup lol...
  7. Joshbear

    Joshbear Well-Known Member

    My phone actually just did this for the first time not too long ago. When it blinks green and amber while charging, it means your phone is overheating. If you have the battery widget from HTC, it'll show that it's overheating under health. Just unplug it and let it sit for a little bit, it usually cools off pretty fast.
  8. motoxxxman

    motoxxxman Well-Known Member

    same here, it blinks like this if you try to charge it while it is too hot. it's designed to do that to tell you to unplug it, let it cool, then charge when it's cool enough.

    charging a battery that is too hot can cause an explosion, or fire, hence the warning flashes. also, the phone will not accept a charge while doing this warning flash, for extra precautionary measure. so let it also be a warning that it isnt even charging :p
  9. duster22

    duster22 Member

    Fixed my EVO blinking amber/orange light by changing the charging cable; I saw this suggestion on another post. My Evo would not turn on or charge whether plugged into my computer via USB or into a wall outlet. After plugging in with an extra charging cable I had, the amber/orange light blinked a few times and then became solid. At this point my Evo was able to be powered on.
  10. gggdhdj

    gggdhdj Member

    Also if the light is continue blinking after lettign the battery cool off, if you have downloaded any battery widgets that can adjust the light (like you can with blackberrrys) this can really screw up teh light problem, make sure you dont have any of these apps.

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