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  1. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    Can I charge my phone directly off my laptop by taking the power cord the phone came with apart and plugging it into a USB port on my laptop?
    It seems like it should work, but I don't want to do any harm to my phone.
    Also, with the majority (or perhaps all) new cellphones using the same shape and size of power charging cords, are they really all interchangeable? Is it safe for me to charge my Lucid with my old, non-smartphone charging cord? It will fit my Lucid, but is it really compatable?

  2. wiisixtyfour

    wiisixtyfour Well-Known Member

    Yes you can charge with a laptop, however it may be a slow charge (at least mine is).
    And yes you can use any micro-USB cord.
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  3. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    Thank you guys!
    I figured it was probably safe, but I don't want to take any chances. Useful info :)!

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