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  1. adrianmuniz325

    adrianmuniz325 Well-Known Member

    My charging port is lose and I have to hold the charger or move it around and sometimes wrap it around the phone. How can I fix this? My sprint rep told me that sprint will not fix it cuz they can not sauder. I was thinking about getting the powermat recever door but unsure if it will work. I already have an extra battery and charger to have 2 batteries. I really just needing a cheap and easy fix until after January so I can upgrade.

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Well, he is correct about the solder thing. While there are usb/charging ports to be had online, they are small and if you are not comfortable de-soldering, then resoldering electronics to a circuit board, then my suggestion is to hang in there until your upgrade. :)

    About the powermat/charger thing, I dont know how much they are but imho, don't waste your money if you only have less than a month until upgrade.

    So as far as a cheap, easy fix for a loose port, I don't think there is one:(
  3. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Have the same issue on my spare EVO. I use an external charger and switch out the batteries once charged. Get a cheap ext.charger/extra battery combo online. Since the phone still works, this is your best option.
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  4. adrianmuniz325

    adrianmuniz325 Well-Known Member

    Well I already have the powermat I ordered the resever door off amzon for like $4 so hopefully this works better
  5. adrianmuniz325

    adrianmuniz325 Well-Known Member

    So I got the reciver door and it connects to the powermat but no my phone go figure. So does anyone know how to mod it to were I can take the stickers off and put it on my evo back and stright to the battery
  6. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    I thing Powermats still charge through the port, don't they? Try looking for a Qi certified charging cover that directly charges the battery. You might have to mod something. Powermat is not Qi certified though. Energizer makes a cover and charger, but you will need at least the first connection to your usb port to work. Once it's on, you charge through a different usb charge cable connection built into the cover.
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