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Charging Specs (Volts and Amps) Reciprocity for Other HTC devicesGeneral

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  1. malice

    malice Well-Known Member

    So what are the amperage and voltage specifications on the charger for the Incredible. I would like to know this so I can see if the charger, car charger, and USB cable for my Touch Pro will work on the incredible. That will save me some cash.

  2. Mike_B

    Mike_B Well-Known Member

    According to reviews a standard micro-USB connector works fine for the Incredible. However, your HTC Touch Pro uses a mini-USB connector and is not compatible.

    EDIT: USB Specs would be 5VDC, 500mA.
  3. Mike_B

    Mike_B Well-Known Member

    double post
  4. greenrolaids

    greenrolaids Well-Known Member

    just a fyi.

    I had a micro usb charger from a previous phone and it did not work on my black berry storm.

    It did not have the right amount of power and it would not work.

    Im not sure how pickey the incredible will be.

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