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charging time differences between usb charging and AC Charging For HTC Desire CTips

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  1. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    hi guys..
    i'm using an HTC Desire C and i bring my usb cable everyday and charge my phone on my office laptop if my battery goes down to 15% or below...now, my question is, should there be a difference in charging time when charging via usb or AC? i can get a full charge via usb at around 2-3hours..about the same charging time if charged via AC. so for you, how long should i charge via usb? anyway, when i first bought my phone a month ago, i think i didn't hit the 8-hours initial charge..does it affect battery performance? my phone lasts me a day or 1.5 days with the juicedefender..

  2. alan666notb

    alan666notb Active Member

    There is a difference, the AC adapter supplies about one amp, a USB socket supplies half that.
    However, on AC the phone will charge fully in much less than half the time it takes via USB. This is because the charging curve for Li-ion batteries is not linear, the first 80% (approx) happens at a much faster rate than the final 20%.
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  3. hulkstar

    hulkstar Member

    Also even though your battery may show a full charge if charged through a laptop or computer via a USB cable, it is not actually fully charged and therefore will go down much quicker.

    You will only every get a "proper" full charge through a mains power.
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  4. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    oh? really? yeah, i noticed that the first 80% charges fast then slows at the last 20% so, are you saying that it's not always advisable to charge via usb? will it shorten my phone's battery life? i have this habit that i then remove my phone upon reaching 100% even when charged via usb. so how can i determine the "real full charge" when i charge my phone on my laptop? i don't usually bring my charger with me to the office. i just bring my htc usb cable.

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