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  1. scottishscott

    scottishscott Member

    When charging my phone at night,I can plug it in and of course it makes the sound to let you know it's charging. However, it does this all through the night every so often. It appears that the charge is not full in the morning. Do you think my charger is going out? It charges fine with the car charger.

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The phone's charging control will stop the charging at 100%, let the battery discharges in the phone's stand-by mode until the battery's percentage goes down to, say 95%, then charging starts again and so on.
    Does no harm to a Li-Ion battery, it is protecting the battery of overcharging.

    This might be what's going on your phone.
    My old HTC Desire also did this :)

    You could look after this issue with a battery app like Battery Monitor Widget, shows the battery's charging level by time in a graph.


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