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  1. Charliedick

    Charliedick New Member

    I stay in South africa at a place called Pearly beach.
    I have inherited a android 2.2 tablet from my daughter

  2. Charliedick

    Charliedick New Member

    I have broken my android wm8650 RJ45/2usb ports adapter and am battling locally to find a replacement.Is there some other way to connect to usb etc
  3. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums Charliedick :)

    I'm going to move your thread to the wm8650 forum, where hopefully you should be able to get some assistance with others who own your device.
  4. Charliedick

    Charliedick New Member

    I have a android 2.2 tablet and I have broken the RJ45/2 usb interface adapter.
    I am battling to find a new one locally(South Africa)Is there some other way i can connect a usb???

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