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Chase Bank Deposit App Wont workSupport

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  1. kimmyb5929

    kimmyb5929 New Member

    I have used the deposit feature on the Chase Bank App for my LG Ally and it has always worked fine. Now after I log into my account, go to the deposit screen and select the correct account, enter the check amount, and then select the "check front" Take Picture button and I get the error, "there was an error connecting to the camera. Please try again." I have unstalled the app and reinstalled it but I am still getting the same error. Anyone have this happen?

  2. LG Ally

    LG Ally New Member

    Yes, same phone and same error here. After using this feature for over a year, last success was in Dec 2011 and got the error trying to use sometime in Jan 2012. Same thing as of 1 March 2012. Talked to Chase in Jan, they did seem to try hard to help, but no change. Suggested I talk with LG. (Yeah right like they'll give a rip about figuring out your Chase app).

    It's a real shame, Chase had far & away the best mobile banking app out there, but the most important feature (to me) is now broken and seems it's going to stay that way.
  3. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    Just wondering if either of you are rooted and overclocking?
  4. sunsetflorida1

    sunsetflorida1 New Member

    I have a Motorola droid razor maxx. I have recently downloaded cPort Credit Union app. This works with the use of Depozip to make check deposits. I can take a picture fine, however, the picture NEVER uploads.......:mad:
  5. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    You know what's weird. My Nexus 4 gave me this error yesterday just trying to get to the camera.

    If you are rooted and have custom recovery, try wiping cache and dalvik cache. Worked for me.

    Not sure how to get into stock recovery to wipe these things. I seem to remember that back in the day there was a way to do it...just can't remember how we did it.

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