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  1. johnilm

    johnilm Member

    Is anyone having trouble logging into the Chase Mobile app?? I don't know if it was a gingerbread update or a Chase problem or just my phone or just my account. Wanted to get other people's experiences.

    I can start the app and get to the login screen. After entering my password (which is ●●●●●● in case you want to try), it says that they are temporarily unable to connect to Chase. Please try again later. Thanks for your patience. I only noticed this happening since yesterday, but I don't think I had used the app since I updated to GB. Anyone else?

  2. zoon

    zoon New Member

  3. vaccdroid

    vaccdroid Well-Known Member

    Its a known problem. The Chase Mobile App will not work with Gingerbread on the EVO. Stinks . I use this app alot. Hope they fix soon.
  4. frankiepapa

    frankiepapa Well-Known Member

    spoke to customer service this morning, they are aware that this is an issue and mentioned to uninstall the app most likely tomorrow and then reinstall...hopefully by then this will be fixed/addressed
  5. Geek Goddess

    Geek Goddess Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem. I talked to someone at Chase today, but they had no idea of the issue. The guy I was talking to also had an Android phone (a Hero), and his worked fine, so that made me think it could be a Gingerbread issue from the update on the EVO. Nice to see I wasn't crazy! Hope they fix it soon. I just uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail before looking here. The error I'm getting is below (with my userid blurred out).

  6. GearheadGeek

    GearheadGeek Member

    It seems to be Gingerbread in general (or at least on many devices) because there are similar reports for various Verizon phones including non-HTC handsets that are having the same problem with the Chase Mobile app running Gingerbread. The first-line rep at Chase initially asked if I had an Evo and then started a spiel about needing to try again using wifi because 4G is unreliable or somesuch nonsense... when I said I WAS using wifi she got a little confused and asked her supervisor about it. The supervisor apparently said it's a known issue but didn't give her any info about an ETA for the fix.

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