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  1. rjh10987

    rjh10987 New Member

    my pcd chaser i rooted it, was playing around with it in file explorer worked fine and everything, i turned it off to charge and turned it back on and now it says emergency calls only, and has the emergency calls only tab to put your finger on but even when you do that it does nothing. and seeing how it's a touchscreen phone it wont let me do anything i think it's basically bricked. if anyone has any information on how to fix this issue please help. also when i plut it via usb to my computer the computer does not even recognize it anymore. i think i may of deleted part of the operating system from the phone or something im not sure. it turns on goes to the virgin mobile startup, then flashes my home screen with my message icon and my contact icon then quickly flashes to emergency calls only like i said but i cannot even do anything with that since when i hit the emergency calls only tab it does nothing. it's like forever stuck on that. help.

  2. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    You possibly deleted something that the phone needs to operate. THe touch screen drivers or something.
  3. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Are you able to get to recovery and try a factory reset?
  4. rjh10987

    rjh10987 New Member

    yes i am able to. i got it into recovery mode by pressing power and volume down then the back key, it let me choose user/factory reset which i acknowledged and then it came up with a list most of them saying no and one that said yes so i used the yes and it reset now it's back to normal but one problem, the touchscreen is not working now. and for some reason my computer does not recognize it. when hooked to my computer it recognizes an android device, but does not let me look through the files or anything. so i have no idea any help to fix the touch screen would be appreciated.

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