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  1. anitasinnett

    anitasinnett New Member

    I sure hope someone can help me.

    My table is always coming up saying

    "google talk authentication failed"
    and all my downloads unsuccessful

    it also says
    "google talk failed to login. if this is a google apps account, confirm that chat service is enables for this account"

    i do not see google chat on my talbet to enable it.

    please help:mad:

  2. EgyTablet

    EgyTablet New Member

  3. nevart

    nevart Member

    Why do people buy a chinese communications device, import it, and then wonder why they don't manage to enjoy freedom of communication as easily as they do in their own country? There's a massive difference between buying a brand name device in your own country and importing one from the 3rd world, and especially from the communist 3rd world. So you have an Android, but it's one that's been heavily modded for use in China and probably with all kinds of snoop stuff on it that we can't even guess about. Flash the device with a new ROM and reinstall everything. Then you don't have to worry about the Chairman of the Republic knowing what you had for breakfast. I suspect this is why the device doesn't have proper security (you can't lock it effectively, because to bypass the lock only requires switching it off). This probably is so the authorities can search the device without needing your co-operation.
  4. louphnx

    louphnx New Member

    i get the sme have you worked it out yet?? x

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