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  1. ECdOc

    ECdOc Well-Known Member

    Everyone knows by now that the Atrix mounts do not work with most cases, especially with the Otterbox Defender case since it is rather large. In my quest for a car windshield mount I happened to come across an extra mount for my garmin Nuvi GPS that I had sitting around. After checking out the size I realized it could easily be modified to be used with the Atrix Otterbox Defender case. [​IMG] [​IMG] What you need:
    • Motorola Atrix Otterbox Defender Case
    • Garmin Nuvi windshield mount (ebay - Do a search for Garmin nuvi mount, they are very cheap, get the one that looks like the one in the photo)
    • Thin Foam padding (I used some I had left over from an Air conditioner installation)
    • Scissors
    • Dremel & #420 Cutoff wheel
    All you need to do is trim the bottom and top tabs for the Garmin mount with your dremel cutoff wheel. While I didn't do the cleanest job, I'm sure you can make it look nicer if you care to. Use the plastic indentations on the Defender case to determine how much to cut off of the Garmin mount. [​IMG] [​IMG] You will want to start your cuts to the left side of the original Garmin tab, The reason for this is that you want the phone to sit the furthest to the right hand side as you can get it, so that the flap for the usb power cord plugin can open without hitting anything. By starting to the left side you will have ample room. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] After you do the cuts if you test fit your phone in the modified cradle you will notice that there is a bit of side to side play, and if you shake the crap out of it the phone will fall off of the mount. To remedy this situation and put tension onto the new mounts I used my scissors and cut (2) very thin pieces of sticky-backed foam. I had some sitting around from a air conditioner installation, but you should be able to get it anywhere those types of things are sold. Stick them onto the backing as in the photo above and you are done. That's it. You now have a nice cheap dock for your Otterbox Defender-equipped Atrix. Enjoy.

  2. weasel

    weasel Well-Known Member

    I had read somewhere that the Defenders belt clip can come off. Once off you have a t slot that can be used with most cell phone mounts. That is the method I was going to try when I can get my hands on a case. That said, I think I like yours much better. Well done !
  3. omnius

    omnius Well-Known Member

    Are you still using the cables from the atrix cardock?
  4. ECdOc

    ECdOc Well-Known Member

    I saw that as well and looked into it, but when I found this extra clip I had and that it would work I didn't need it anymore. Plus, now I don't have to take apart and/or switch the t-clip to use the belt case.

    I do not have the OG car dock, so no I am not using the cables. I am curious how it works, I assume its using the audio through the HDMI cable but I dunno. I assume I will either use the 3.5 jack or maybe look into playing with that hdmi output. Maybe someone that has the OG dock has posted about it, I'll have to check around. Either way now I won't have to take off my case to use the thing in a car dock.
  5. omnius

    omnius Well-Known Member

    Sorry for my ignorance but I'm not sure what you mean by" OG". The reason I was asking is because I read that the cardock made for atrix has some features you can't access using another brand
  6. ECdOc

    ECdOc Well-Known Member

    I guess I should have stated OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as in the Motorola branded dock, not OG (Original).IT does appear however that I assumed wrong in that the dock only has a micro usb connection. Not sure how the audio is routed through that.

    That said, this is a solution for people with the Otterbox Defender case that want to use it as a GPS on their windshield (for like less than 10 bux) without removing the case. This is not a replacement for the OEM dock accessory, though with the proper cable it may as well be the case.
  7. omnius

    omnius Well-Known Member

    I read I was due to an extra pin they built into the
    OEM's connector on the dock itself
  8. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Only the dell streak has that slot from what I've seen.

    There are apps in the market that will turn on the car dock mode.
  9. weasel

    weasel Well-Known Member

    Quick question about the Nuvi mount. Which model Nuvi should I be looking for ? I just did a search on Amazon and wow, there's a bunch.
  10. ECdOc

    ECdOc Well-Known Member

    This one right here: [​IMG]Garmin Nuvi 200w 205w 250w 255w Mount + Bracket Cradle | eBay

    It states: * Compatible Models: Garmin NUVI 200, 200W, 205, 205W, 250, 250W, 255, 255W, 260, 260W, 265T, 265WT, 270, 275T.

    Now, this is a mount that I had sitting around that was ordered off of ebay a while back so I am not sure of which exact reseller this one came from but they should all have the same dimensions for the mount and should all work the same.
  11. weasel

    weasel Well-Known Member

    That's perfect, thanks. I just noticed that there where a pile of Nuvi p/n's some in the 600's some in the 1000's, 3000's and a bunch more.
  12. WhoDis

    WhoDis Member

    I just used the SlipGrip mount that I had for my iPhone with defender case. Fits perfect.
  13. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

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