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  1. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to start a thread about how many times people have been checking for updates on this phone.... i mean i check 6-7 times a day reading new forums searching the internet jumping from one site to the other. All of this just to find out if something new has leaked.... how many of you out there are doing the same thing? How many times a day? Please tell me that your all doing the same so i dont feel like such a freak

  2. dodgethis1

    dodgethis1 Active Member

    Glad it's not only me either, I'm Hoping the black Friday date is right as opposed to mid December.
  3. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    well i dont think its just us either i mean not even 10 min after i post already have over 8 people checking it out seeing if something new was said man i love the internet
  4. VaDivot

    VaDivot Well-Known Member

    yea im in the same boat as well. Hitting refresh on this site, BGR, engadget, and howardforums probably once every hour or two while im at work.
  5. kennydunn

    kennydunn Member

    We're Passion addicts.
  6. vinylfreak89

    vinylfreak89 Well-Known Member

    I've got 6 or 7 sites I'm checking 1-3 times/day.
  7. Yzzim

    Yzzim New Member

    I was dead set on buying a Droid until I saw the leaked pics of the Passion.

    Definitely checking a bunch of sites multiple times/day to see what's new.

    Anyone got some other good sites to check?

    I check:

    and also check, of course, this forum.

    Though I'm thinking as time goes on and we don't have any new info, I might have to just get the Droid. I need a phone now, can't wait until sometime in Q1
  8. vaxick

    vaxick Well-Known Member

    Check sites like crazy.

    Was even late to class one day when some Android news came up. :cool:
  9. yoyohere2

    yoyohere2 Well-Known Member

    What sites do people check? i only know phandroid.
  10. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    i use what yzzim uses plus i check google all the time, also phone arena. i remeber when i started looking up this phone the find assist in google wouldnt populate anything now you type in htc passion theres a whole list it tries to assist with just since many people have been searching for it
  11. gbelste

    gbelste Member

    Techcrunch, Mobilecrunch, gadgetcrunch. They're all in the same family, but i check all three just to make sure. :D
  12. Arngautr

    Arngautr Member

    **raises hand**
    RSS makes this sooooo much easier - there's even one for new threads in this forum!:)
  13. wonderbread

    wonderbread Well-Known Member

    You update fiends who refresh 100 times a day should look into RSS readers. I use Google Reader which allows you to subscribe to a site's RSS update feed if it is offered. All the major blog sites including phandroid have an RSS feed and whenever an update occurs it shows up in your RSS reader. No more needing to alt-tab then refresh all day long.
  14. mikespe

    mikespe Well-Known Member

    Hey guys...I'm new to the forum and new to Android (getting my Droid this Friday). But I have been trying to find out information on the Passion and I found this article. Some of you may have read it before but it is different than all the other message boards and articles I have read. I just thought i should post it to get your opinion. The guy does make some sense when he says why would verizon put so much money and effort into promoting the Droid when it has a more powerful phone coming out around the same time?

    Mystery: HTC Passion (Dragon) Headed to T-Mobile UK? - PhoneDog Cell Phone News & Articles
  15. phillypharm

    phillypharm Member

    bgr, engadget, this forum,,, crackberry's android forums, etc etc...
  16. king

    king Member

    Is there a new phone comming out from HTC/Verizon that I havent heard about?

    Joking, I check prob 100 times a day, I know the rss feeds but I like trying to track the info down myself.:cool:
  17. jaymz462

    jaymz462 Active Member

    Ha, yeah, I do a Google search probably 7-10 times a day. I'm hoping for a mid-December release (no way is this thing coming out on Black Friday.) If it comes out sometime in Q1 2010, so be it- I'll keep waiting.
  18. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Well why did the Imagio come out a little over 30 days after the Touch Pro 2 when they're the same phone internally? Answer: Because one's a touchscreen w/ slider qwerty, and the other is just a touchscreen.

    What's the Droid? Touchscreen w/ slider qwerty
    What the Passion? Touchscreen only

    They are not competing devices because some will demand a physical keyboard while others (myself included) would prefer a slimmer handset with a virtual keyboard.

    Anyway, I check too many times a day and it gets frustrating when nothing is out there. I actually just found this forum and signed up because in the absence of blog info, it's nice to be able to actively discuss this with others. I just someone would leak something already. Pictures would be great. SOMEBODY has to have a test unit in hand! I think these bloggers should start offering cash for info. :D
  19. Anonimac

    Anonimac Your mom goes to college. VIP Member

    I'll throw myself into the mix as well and would rather not say how often i check for new on the Passion. My Google Reader account is currently almost exclusively dedicated to possible Passion feeds. Found this this morning...probably not news to most but I figured i'd throw it into the pot.

    HTC Dragon has been in testing at Google for weeks; release imminent? - SlashGear

    Needless to say I hope this thing comes out ASAP. I'm using a 4 year old Verizon phone and this is the phone i'm waiting for before i upgrade.
  20. bruceo

    bruceo Well-Known Member

    hopefully the guys testing it at google arent the same dunces who tested the droid....
  21. Bravo311

    Bravo311 Well-Known Member

    If the picture is accurate, I don't like that there are no talk and end buttons. It appears to have the same buttons as the Droid plus the track ball. Answering calls on the Droid is a pain if your hands are full or if you have on gloves.
  22. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Couldnt you use the trackball to choose answer or ignore?
  23. wonderbread

    wonderbread Well-Known Member

    True, although I too would appreciate the call buttons such as the Eris has. Also, let's hope the thing has decent battery life and they don't go for a paper thin design at the expense of a decent battery. Personally, after carrying around a three year old thick flip phone, i wouldn't mind something a little thicker than the iphone. Smartphones just feel so dinky, will have to get use to that i suppose.
  24. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

  25. vaxick

    vaxick Well-Known Member

    This really confuses me about the high end Verizon Android phones. When I had the Droid it always annoyed me to some degree. It wasn't a issue when I had to answer a call, but it would have been nice to have a button to hit end since sometimes the on screen button would take a moment to respond.

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