Checking out a few more cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3, which one should I get?

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    I bought two cases already for my S3 but I'm not ready to stop yet... it's like buying a new purse to me, need something to match my moods! The one I bought here:

    NEW Samsung Galaxy S3 S 3 III i9300 Soft Gel Silicone Case Cover - Many Designs!

    I bought #3 out of the 10 listed and I love it (the other case I bought was a White GameBoy case, same seller: White Game Boy Rubber Gel Silicone Case Cover Samsung Galaxy S3 S 3 III i9300 | eBay ), exactly as described, really excited, but I'm thinking about getting 2 more... not really sure which one would be better though then the other... they're REALLY good prices compared to prices I find around here and the shipping was super fast so I love this seller already! lol

    Soooooo which ones would you guys choose? I'm torn between them so what ever you guys suggest the most, I'll go with! :D

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    Dec 13, 2010
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    Game boy!
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