Cheesecake apk?

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  1. BKiv

    BKiv Active Member

    Does anyone have it. All the links I've found are dead.

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    sent you a pm
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  3. droidmn5

    droidmn5 New Member

    need it too please
  4. goldz28

    goldz28 Well-Known Member

    Can you send it to me as well :thumb:
  5. CSamsel11

    CSamsel11 Member

    This has caused nothing but problems for me. I installed cheesecake and now when I try updating my os, it tells me 'a Motorola service account is required' and when I click set up, it goes into an endless loading screen. I contacted Motorola and told them my phone was rooted, and they said the root was causing this. So.. now I uprooted my phone, it still does it. And now I can't use cheesecake again since my phone is no longer rooted. I want to restore my entire phone to COMPLETELY out of the box settings, and get it back to as if it was the first day I got it. Any suggestions?
  6. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    You contacted Motorola and told them you were trying to cheesecake into their servers? Really?? :hmmmm: :shot: :D
    Okay, go here for instructions on how to FXZ back to stock .905
  7. CSamsel11

    CSamsel11 Member

    No.. I told them I installed an app that made it so I can't update my os

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