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cheesed off after software update!Support

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  1. H12RPO

    H12RPO New Member

    Hi guys been lurking for a while trying to find the answers but thought I'd post after going around and around.

    4 weeks ago for the first time I connected my (nearly 2 yr old) LG 540 to my pc with the intention of uploading some photos. The very first pop up message I got was "there is a software update do you want to install? " - foolishly I clicked yes and received the update.

    Since then everything has gone to rat shite

    I get "ch 50" cell broadcast txt messages all through the day - I've tried the settings in the messages menu but cant disable them there. I've tried deleting the channel but 50 is undeletable..............then if that wasnt enough I followed some advice from LG helpline to do factory reset to try to resolve this. Did that, and not only did it NOT stop the txt messages which are still plaguing me, but now the Android market is gone..........I can click on the icon but the screen just goes white and hangs.

    I should say that at no time have I done any rooting or suchlike.


  2. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    welcome to AF.

    did you try clearing the cache of the android market or Google play .from settings>applications>manage apps
  3. H12RPO

    H12RPO New Member


    Did that, but it says "you do not have any third-party applications installed" :confused:
  4. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    it will be in ALL section. find Google play or market in that then clear its data
  5. H12RPO

    H12RPO New Member

    I'm going
    settings -applications - manage applications, then up comes the message as above I cant see any "all" :confused:

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