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Cherry Magnum 2x Software updateSupport

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  1. muks.mak

    muks.mak Well-Known Member


    Just visited Cherry Magnum site and they have an update.....

    Can i directly update it on my Mx A85?


  2. muks.mak

    muks.mak Well-Known Member

    hi Guys,

    Finally i have the Gingerbread in my mx a85
  3. aquaandro

    aquaandro Well-Known Member

    Any Tuts???
  4. muks.mak

    muks.mak Well-Known Member

    The gingerbread is not that good.........

    I have issues with Airplane mode.........

    When i make sms or call the phone goes into airplane mode and then i have to manually disable airplane....

    Guys help me out with it?
  5. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    buddy its again 2.3 issue now on resolving basis
    my appy mod has less chances of airplane mod
  6. aquaandro

    aquaandro Well-Known Member

    So overall which one is without any issues... the stock, other 2.2, 2.2 Sunnkale, 2.3 by Apps or Appy2.3..

    Need to know which one is better and stable... coz i need this phone every now and then... so cant take a chance...
  7. vinay007parab

    vinay007parab Active Member

    dude android 2.3 official is great ..........just install smstimefix app which is free on android market and your problem is solved

    it solved mine .. now i dont have airplan mode problem and other sms and balace check problem ..
  8. muks.mak

    muks.mak Well-Known Member

    i Installed it what setting do i need to do?

    Which 2.3 do you have ? Magnum 2x?
  9. muks.mak

    muks.mak Well-Known Member

    It fixes some timestamps.........How does that relate to airplane mode....
  10. vinay007parab

    vinay007parab Active Member

    yes the cherry magnum 2x 2.3 official update

    any ways it worked for me ...iam happy

    dude it should work for you as well do what i said.. just install and activate it let it work it self trust me man
  11. muks.mak

    muks.mak Well-Known Member

    Hi Vinay,

    My problem is whenever i send a sms i get error that sms could not be sent and then my network of phone goes where as wifi is still on... i have to manually disable the airplane mode many time to get back the network...

    Now i also noticed that when i make calls the same thing starts again..

    This does not happen when i receive test/sms

    Did you face such thing?
  12. dobermaxx

    dobermaxx Active Member

    HI all, I'm a user from the Philippines with a Cherry Mobile Magnum 2x. Since I did the update I've experienced one strange problem, when my data is on the phone will go into "sleep of death" and i have to do a battery pull to restart. When Data and Wifi are off there are no issues.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

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