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China tablet

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    LEEDASH Member

    Hello all,i have this 7inch china tablet,similar to a elonex,it installs apps ok apart from certain ones,ie catchuptv player,it is not rooted and just basic set up,is there any way around this problem.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    You want to root it? Is there any more details as to what you've actually got, in the "About Tablet" information under Settings.

    Thing is with so many of these generic budget Chinese devices from unknown makers, there is little or no rooting information available.

    LEEDASH Member

    Model Number MID
    Android version 4.0.3
    kernel 3.0.8 shen@compiler#1
    build number 20120315v721-0.5.1

    Some more infomation has 'synapse' on the back of the tablet.

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