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Chinese Android Tablet M70007T - Wont Boot

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  1. Mike Biddell

    Mike Biddell New Member

    Does anyone have any experience with this Android Tablet? It will not boot ot the desktop. It sticks at the android robot.

    Does this mean that the operating system has been corrupted?

    It's Android 2.2 kernel 2.6.32 and build V 1.1.1

    Is recovery via a bootable SD card? If so, where do I find the OS software?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Mike Biddell

    Mike Biddell New Member

    If anyone else has this problem, I have re-installed the OS. Format a micro SD card. Then find your OS for your tablet. I found a user modified OS called "M7007t_WesB_Hybrid". This is an archive .rar, so unzip it first. This creates two files "FirmwareInstall" and "wmt_scriptcmd". Put these two files on the root of the SD card, NOT IN A FOLDER.

    Now put the SD card ino your tablet and hold down the "home" button at the same time as pushing the power on button (the home button is the square one on the front of the unit) Keep holding the home button until you see a message about Andorid updating. The OS will then be re-installed and when complete, remove the SD card, and you automatically go into the normal boot sequence. Then off you go. Keep the SD card somewhere safe for next time (hopefully there wont be a next time).

    A big thanks to WesB for this version.... other versions left my touch screen not working. But Wes..... where on erath did yu get the dodgy woven union jack desktop?


  3. thomas_miller

    thomas_miller New Member

    Great to know you have fixed yours. I've got the same problem like yours but it was a MID WM8650 chinese tablet. And the firmware i used was M009S_06.11. I got this link from a tutorial at Fixing Android Tablet Not Booting - Unique Stuff, Tips & Tricks

    This problem has caused me lots of trouble and fortunately it comes to a happy ending. cheers.
  4. cisko777

    cisko777 New Member

    Hello Dear I had exactly the same problem you had but cant fid the os link that would enamble my M7007T Tablet's screen touch work...
    please assist me with the link for the wesb os(M7007t_WesB_Hybrid)

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