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Chinese Characters in SMSSupport

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  1. Trucideau

    Trucideau New Member

    So, for a lark, I downloaded the Google Pinyin IME, which allows me to enter Chinese characters on my Droid X. It works handily. But when I put the characters in an SMS using handcent, it never arrives at its destination. It's not that it arrives as gibberish, it just doesn't arrive. My friend, in a trouble shooting attempt, installed it on his Droid Incredible, also using handcent. I receive his SMS's with the Chinese characters in them perfectly fine, but he never receives mine. When I use my google voice account to send myself an SMS with Chinese characters in it, it arrives as little squares. Is this a Verizon problem, a handcent problem, or something else entirely.

  2. quietguy

    quietguy Active Member

    Are you saying that he CAN send you sms in Chinese with his DInc?

    As far as I know that it is ok to send within the carrier, meaning vzw to vzw is fine but not to AT&T.
  3. Trucideau

    Trucideau New Member

    Yes, he CAN send me SMS containing Chinese characters, which my phone receives. My phone can't, and I don't have anyone else to test if his phone can receive Chinese character SMS's. I did try to send him a Chinese character SMS from my google voice account, which actually bounced (I got a "Couldn't deliver" kind of message).

    This all may be confusing the point, though, since the problem is just that my Droid X claims to have sent SMS with Chinese characters, but they are not received and do not generate any kind of undeliverable error. Regular SMS works fine.

    I'm thinking of calling Verizon, but I dread trying to explain the problem to a tech support drone.
  4. quietguy

    quietguy Active Member

    I know that sms from google voice would not work.

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