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  1. richd86

    richd86 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Have just purchased a new Galaxy Y here in China and restored to original factory settings however everything is in Chinese which isn't a problem as I can change the language to English however all the default Google Apps are missing and replaced with Chinese equivalents it seems so I'm unable to use them.

    So... how can I restore it to a version of Android something functional for me? I'm on mac os x lion with vmware for any windows apps I need and am computer literate enough to attempt anything like flashing a device / updating a rom but have no idea where to start with this. Having read some docs on Odin but they made little sense at first because I don't quite know what steps I need to take in order to carry out this task.

    Any pointers would help greatly, thanks in advance!


  2. chaitanyak

    chaitanyak Well-Known Member

    well mate u need stock rom of ur region which shud be 4 file so dat u can flash via odin as galaxy y dunn support single file flashing so finding a stock rom of ur region wid 4 file is bit hectic task which may end as big disappointment so i suggest u 2 flash a custom rom so dat u can use all google apps wid out any fuss

    Galaxy Y GT-S5360 Android Development - xda-developers

    follow the link which i pasted here u wud get custom roms flash any one according 2 ur choice and taste and start using ur phone :):)
  3. chaitanyak

    chaitanyak Well-Known Member One click file hosting: S5360ZCKK2_OZHKK2_Android_2.3.6.rar

    and mate this link which i pasted consists of stock rom of ur region i.e china u can d/l dis file and flash thru odin as procedure is quite simple all u need is 4 files which are bootloader CSC Modem[phone] PDA i doubt dis file contains all reqd stuff but d/l it and chk if u are lucky enough den u wud get 4 files and den follow odin flashing procedure its available in XDA FORUMS which i posted in earlier post and yeah u can get firmware of ur region 2 in dat forum so good luck and lastly ur area code is ZC so make sure u flash firmware wid ri8 code if u wanna use stock rom

    and follow this link to find stock rom and procedure to flash via odin

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