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  1. lookitstony

    lookitstony Member

    So I know what you all are going to say.. I have already ran Air Push Detector, Addon Detector, Lookout Ad Network Detector, Permission Explorer, plus I have the paid service for Lookout. Running a scan on all of these have lead to nothing being detected.

    I am currently getting two notification in my status bar, an Orange Star with a White Outline and an envelope that looks like an email or IM message. I know normally you can look right in the notification and Identify the application but unfortunately both of these are in chinese! I have browsed the internet in search of answers and I have tried everything that I have found and obviously have had no luck.

    I come to you, fellow Galaxy S3 owners to see if you have any idea of how I can identify and eliminate my threat. Any and all help is much appreciated!

    I have attached a screenshot of the notifications and screen shots of where it takes me once I click them (hopefully not further infecting myself). Anyone read Chinese? lol.

    I used an app to generate a list of all my installed applications, figured it might help:
    Ad Network Detector:
    Addons Detector:
    Adobe Flash Player 11.1:
    AfterFocus Pro:
    AirPush Detector:
    Angry Birds:
    Autorun Manager:
    BusyBox Free:
    Caller ID Faker:
    CNET News:
    Custom Auto Brightness:
    Death Worm:
    DI Radio:
    digg mobile:
    Dolphin Browser:
    Easy Cache Cleaner:
    Google Play services:
    Google Voice:
    INRIX Traffic:
    JuiceDefender Ultimate:
    K-9 Mail:
    Key Ring:
    Minecraft - Pocket Edition:
    N.O.V.A. 3:
    NPR News:
    Perfect Uninstaller:
    Permission Explorer:
    Pocket RPG:
    Portal Live Wallpaper:
    TinyShark Downloader:
    Titanium Backup:
    Titanium Backup PRO:
    Total Defense 3D:
    Zapper Task Killer:

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  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    The star (Although not seen in asian characters before) is an advertising thing that installs when you update Samsung App store. This can be uninstalled though and opted out of when updating Samsung Apps.

    Not sure about the others.
  3. lookitstony

    lookitstony Member

    Samsung app store? The Play Store? I don't see a samsung app store, and is this opt out part of the install i'm assuming? Thanks for reply! :)
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I dont know. Thats when it installs on me. Have you ran "Addon detector" that you have installed? Run that, it should tell you.
  5. lookitstony

    lookitstony Member

    First line of my post :p I have run them all and nothing returns. We need a malware cleaning app on these devices lol. I got a little free with my downloading because I figured Lookout had my back :/
  6. lookitstony

    lookitstony Member

    So I installed Avast! rooted and it was able to find malware.. it was in the Death Worm game. highly recommend and its free :)
  7. Boba Phil

    Boba Phil New Member

    Hiya everyone,

    Sorry for the bumpage on this, but I've had this problem and a google sent me here.

    I've been getting Asian nitifications everyday now, two of them, for about a year. I've formatted the phone, changed the memory card, rooting the phone and updating to the JB, everything I can think of, but I can't get rid of them.

    Lookout, Avast, Addon etc have all found nothing! From what I read on another place, the one I have is buried in the boot up somewhere.

    I'm begining to think the only way I'll get rid of it, is to replace the phone with a new one and then manually re-install everything again! :|
  8. Jlin98058

    Jlin98058 New Member

    I also have been having the same exact type of notification... The only apps we have in common are juice defender(not likely it) and adobe flash(could be it) ill try uninstalling flash and see if the notifications stop
  9. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    You'd try the app 'Notification History'.

    Set the app and after the notification pops up again, the app should tell you which app caused it.

    BTW, is your phone on Jelly Bean?

    Jelly Bean introduced the feature to indentify the app which created a notification and disable the app's ability for notifications.

    Do long press on the advertising's notification, that should pop up an "App Info" button you can press which will tell you which app has created that notification.
    Also from there you can conveniently disable the app's ability for notifications, or if you want, uninstall the app.

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