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Christmas Carols [app]

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  1. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

    Christmas Carols v.1.1

    It is my first Android application. Christmas carols player.


    One of the largest collection of christmas carols...
    Good application for Christmas. Beautiful Christmas carols. Thanks.

    The most popular Christmas Carols for you. Listen to the spirit of Christmas. Best Christmas carols and Christmas songs. Merry Christmas !

    Soon: Ability to view songs' lyrics and download them in high quality.

    Please email me if there is some problem with resolution , because for now officially supported resolutions are : 240x320 , 320x480 , 480x800 , 480x854

    My website:
    Johnmcenroy's Android Projects

    Download Link:

    QR Code:

  2. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

  3. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

    Ideal Weight (BMI,BMR,etc.)

    Unique application for all people who train , loss weight , gain weight or simply want to know all body indexes.

    Easy to use design - 3 Steps:
    1. Select Indexes (You can select multiple Indexes to count them all in one click)
    2. Input body parameters
    3. Get Results

    Unique features:
    1.13 Indexes
    2. Easy to use slide design
    3. Count all 13 body parameters at the same time in one click
    4. Special formulas for Body Builders
    5. Special ideal weight formula for people who train in gym (GYM Formula)
    6. Easy to understand final results with color panels based on results
    7. 10 Ideal weight formulas + 1 special for trained people

    Ideal Weight (BMI,BMR,etc.) supports 3 systems:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download Ideal Weight (BMI,BMR,etc.)
    QR Code:

    Best regards
  4. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

    Simple application contains zen stories . Feel the wisdom of teachers of the past.

    Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that developed in China during the 6th century as Ch
  5. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

    IPTV Player

    Program IPTV player allows you to watch TV channels from different networks. Supports all types of sharing IPTV networks:

    1) Direct link to the channel in the format HTTP (Unicast)
    2) Multicast IP TV via UDP-to-HTTP proxy (installed on the computer, router, etc..)
    3) Multicast IP TV directly without UDP proxy (not all devices support this feature)

    In most common cases, a way to play the number 2 IP TV you need:
    1) Establish UDP-to-HTTP proxy on Windows computer, UDPXY proxy on the router or Linux computer
    2) Register in the program address (URL) of your UDP-to-HTTP proxy server
    3) Download the channel list in the format .m3u

    The recommended format for the channels' list in the format .m3u:
    #EXTINF:-1,Channel One
    #EXTINF:-1,Channel Two
    #EXTINF:-1,Channel Three
    #EXTINF:-1,Channel Four
    #EXTINF:-1,Channel Five

    Download at Google Play:
  6. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator Moderator

    Hi johnmcenroy, and welcome back :)

    I've merged your announcements to comply with the forum's "one thread per developer" policy, which aims to reduce forum clutter while making it easier for our members to follow your releases. :thumbup:

    Please take a moment to review the posting guidelines and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :)
  7. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

    Happy Notes

    The idea of creating this app was born, while I had watched the movie "Peter Pan", when he (Peter Pan) remembers his happy memory and how to fly.
    This app is designed to record yout happy memories, thougths and never forget how to "fly":)
    Happy Notes will remind you about these memories in the most necessary moments...

    Download at Google Play:
  8. johnmcenroy

    johnmcenroy Member

    Hi Codesplice
    Thank you very much. It's better so , didn't see it. Sorry I have posted again one new app , and didn't see my thread.
    codesplice likes this.
  9. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator Moderator

    No worries, I just pulled that one in as well. Just trying to keep things tidy. :tee:

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