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Christmas Gift/Note 10.1 versionGeneral

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  1. Hi, everyone. I live in the U.S., but my best friend lives in India. I want to get him a Note 10.1 for Christmas this year. I have the Note 2 and I would like for my friend to get the latest version of the Note 10.1 with the jellybean and premium suite update out of the box. I don't want for him to have to update it or wait for an update right out of the box. However, I do not understand how the updates work and which version of the Note I should get for him. In short, I want to get the best version of the Note 10.1 that can be used in India that also comes with the jellybean and premium suite updates straight out of the box if there is such a version out right now. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and explanations of the benefits/shortcomings of the different versions. Also, I would love it if anyone could suggest any online stores/sellers that are selling the latest/best version that could ship to India. I want to get one with at least 3G. I would have liked 4G LTE, but I doubt that's even available in the area where he lives. Also, it does not necessarily have to be a Christmas gift, but I would like for him to receive it by at least mid-January. However, the sooner the better. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you so much!

  2. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    I got my 10.1 a couple weeks ago. Shipped with ics. From what I have been reading there is no 3G or lte version coming to north America in the next couple weeks. If you are on a time line I think your only option is the ics wifi 10.1.

    From what I've read anyway. Hopefully someone will chime in who knows more.
  3. Thank you, but the Note will not be for me. I want to buy it as a gift for my best friend who lives in India so I am looking for the latest and best version that will work in India. :) I have been searching for the different version numbers etc. to no avail so I am really hoping someone can help me out with the best version for India. Again, I am trying to order it from an online seller or store and have it shipped directly to him by at least mid-January. Thanks!
  4. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Yours is a complex question. There are 2 versions of the Galaxy Note 10.1.
    I have no idea if a U.S. 3G model would work in India (that's above my knowledge level) but if you purchase directly from Samsung India your friend will be getting the one for his country and 3G will work.

    • GT-N8000 3G/Wifi (this is the one you're inquiring about)
    • GT-N8013 WiFi only

    Here is the one you want to buy.

    Samsung India

    More than likely it won't come with the premium features out the box if you're going to buy it now.
    I know you say it's for your friend but updating it when the update is available doesn't take long and your friend won't have to do anything but make sure it's plugged in and don't touch it til the update is complete.
  5. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    In NA, the WiFi only version is GT-N8010. Not sure what the big difference is between the GT-N8010 and GT-N8013 (both WiFi-only versions).
  6. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    No difference, but market.
  7. Thank you for the response. The problem is that my friend's computer stopped working a while ago so he does not have a working computer if the updates have to be done through that. However, if the updates are over the air; there is still a slight problem in that his internet connection (wi-fi/home internet) breaks off every five-ten minutes or so when we are on Skype (on his phone) so I'm not sure if that would interrupt the updating process. Being able to buy one (probably the N8000, I guess) already updated would be ideal due to these concerns. Again, my goal is to have it delivered to him by mid-January at the latest. I guess I will just have to look around some more or wait a bit. :( Does anyone know the numbers (Ex: N8000) of the German and Korean versions? I want to find out if those would work in other countries. Thank you!

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