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  1. winged21

    winged21 Member

    Ok I just downloaded chrome beta on my new phone and after 15 to 20 min the phone got really hot . The web page and keyboard kept bugging out , flashed and then crashed.
    Just posting this if anyone else has the same problem and as a warning.

  2. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    That's why I never use chrome, even on my computer! :)
  3. K4KAI

    K4KAI Well-Known Member

    Wow...what a bummer!! I prefer Chrome on my home computer and I have it on my VM HTC EVO V. I downloaded and installed without incident.

    I wonder if I didn't have any problems with my download because I was at home and I use my home wireless network for downloads there. My home wireless network speed is better than 21mb/second as reported by the SPEEDTEST App. I tried to measure the VM 3G speed and it just it was 710ms for Ping, 165kbps for Download and 27kbps for upload.

    Good luck !!!
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I've been using Chrome since I first got the phone on 6/4 with no issues.
  5. davidjaquith

    davidjaquith Member

    I have the same issue. It's definitely chrome.
  6. Etegral

    Etegral Active Member

    Yeah I'm getting weird graphical issues like flashing and the keyboard disappearing (but still being able to press keys). Only happens when Chrome is open.
  7. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    Well it is in beta... Personally I don't like chrome on PC either though lol. What I've noticed is that the mobile versions of supposedly good browsers are generally no good. Firefox mobile for example. :D I can't say for Chrome mobile though as I have yet to use it. I'll see how it is when I get my phone hopefully tomorrow
  8. armeN0317

    armeN0317 Well-Known Member

    I get the really hot thing but not the flashing until i open a new tab. hopefully they work out the kinks in chrome. really bad ass web browser love it on my PC
  9. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    Well after a day of using chrome beta I can say that it is VERY buggy. It hasn't fc'd yet, but it does like a weird strobe thing when scrolling and the keyboard gets cut in half. Also it's a huge file. Like 47mb, and no app2sd. I'll hang on to it but I doubt that google is really putting effort into developing it. Still don't get why they wouldn't make chrome a standard android thing though. Dolphin HD for me!
  10. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I get the same problem with the bugging out scrolling and keyboard. I use chrome as my primary browser, and avoid all others. There's no point in using others IMO, nothing comes close to the speed of Chrome. Firefox and IE are just way too slow for me. It's too bad cause Chrome is also the fastest browser I tested (when it works) for Android as well...
  11. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    I'm having the dissapearing keyboard issues too and the graphics are flashing. I'm using the latest version of chrome for android

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