Chrome Tab Minimized Issue

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  1. s2005

    s2005 Well-Known Member

    My Chrome browser recently started doing this. When I turn on my computer and open Chrome, my tabs from the previous session are there (Which I love). However some do not fill the screen, and are "minimized" but I cannot make bigger. I have to duplicate, and then close the old tab. I attached a pic of what I mean.


  2. s2005

    s2005 Well-Known Member

  3. s2005

    s2005 Well-Known Member

    No one?
  4. Rad0n

    Rad0n New Member

    i had the same problem with my chrome.. at first i solved using a simpler method than yours. just open the open the tab which is not filling the screen and click the restore/maximize button(top-right),,you will see the tab fits in the minimized screen, now click the button again to maximize,,and it will form the full screen size.. but just now,, after reading your post i got a permanent solution for this. its such that,, open chrome and click the restore/maximize button.. after it turns into a smaller window.. stretch the window from all sides to make it fill the whole screen (obviously dont use the maximize button for it).. now ur minimized and maximized windows will be of almost sizes... this will make chrome open the restore pages into full screen size. until now its working fine for me.. hope it will remain like this.. sorry for my bad english though :p

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