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  1. mroldguy

    mroldguy New Member

    Hello I have an issue that is driving me nuts and wondering if anyone can help me with this.

    Have Galaxy S3 (verizon), when running on home Wifi chrome LOOKS like it is running fine (connects to websits) but no content displayed in browser. If I disable Wifi and connect via 4g or 3g it works fine.

    If I remove chrome from phone and try using stock browser it works fine.

    Has anyone seen this isssue and if so how did it get resolved (hoping no factory reset).

    Thanks in advance for your coopertion

  2. sparky93

    sparky93 Active Member

    stock and opera working fine.
    but chrome, well, as you say, blank page no content, on any link.
    via wifi or 3/4g data.

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