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Church Bell??? WTFSupport

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  1. m1k3yb0y

    m1k3yb0y Member

    I know about the other topic on this issue but its been close to a year since someone responded to it so I'll make another one here. Since Version 2.3 Gingerbread came to my LG Optimus S, its been making a church bell noise every hour and I'm wondering if anybody figured out how to disable it. It is pretty cool but after a while, it gets very annoying and it ALREADY IS!!! So any help would be appreciated.

  2. m1k3yb0y

    m1k3yb0y Member

    Don't worry about this post guys. I have Alarm Clock Plus installed on my phone and it was making that church bell sound. I had to adjust the settings to get it to not do it anymore. If anybody has that app installed and hears the bell, follow my advice and hope it helped. Peace! :D
  3. Jean-Marie

    Jean-Marie Member

    Very funny. : ) We've all had those, "WHAT IS THAT?!?", moments in our lives. Thanks for sharing the solution cause I was begining to think that it was something else we need add to the long list of strange things the Lg Optimus S is doing after the Gingerbread update.

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