Chuwi v88

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  1. Funn

    Funn New Member

    All hello, at me such question, I want to start porting insertions under chuwi v88, and so, insertions everything for it, are stitched not through cwm and through the program from rokchip, the insertion consists of img of files, recovery/boot/kernel/system/misc, prompt as me to pack everything in img back? And still such questions, whether it is possible to sew on Chuwi v88 an insertion through cwm? And where to find the META-INF folder? Also advise a raspakovshchik and a zapakovshchik of img of files for windows

  2. Funn

    Funn New Member

    than to unpack and pack img it is possible? advise
  3. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm sorry dude, I think the translator that you are using is messing up the question you are trying to ask.

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