cifs.ko + tun.ko + nls_utf8.ko for stock kernel

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  1. ap42

    ap42 Member

    I compiled these from the latest source on so I could use vpn & samba/cifs file sharing on my home network.

    I thought I would post them in case anyone else likes the stock kernel included with 3.1.0 but needs these modules.

    The cifs source was edited to remove any refs to slow_work, so it now works fine with the stock kernel. Watched an episode of Family Guy with no issues on my phone, so I consider cifs working. I recommend "cifs manager" for mounting/unmounting the shares & loading the module with insmod.

    Also, make sure you unmount your shares when you leave your network area. I did not, and when I tried to fire up astro or root explorer it would soft reboot my phone. Took me a few minutes to remember that they were last pointing to my cifs share, which was now unavailable. Doh.

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  2. rockon83

    rockon83 Active Member

    I can finally stream all my videos on my phone directly from my PC! Just pointed CIFSManager to the CIFS.KO, mounted my media folder onto my sd card, and can play from RockPlayer! Thank you!!
  3. bmabry

    bmabry Member

    This sounds like something I would love to do. Can you give a little more instruction on how to use insmod to install the modules? I see how the shares are created with the file in the zip but am curious about how insmod works...

  4. ap42

    ap42 Member

    I'm glad someone else finds it useful. Rockplayer + cifs turns the DInc into a great portable media player around the house. I just need to remember to turn off the share when I go to work to avoid the reboot issue when I open astro/root explorer.

    bmabry - install CifsManager from the market. Open it. Hit menu button, then Settings. Turn on "Load cifs module". Turn on "Load via insmod". Set the path to where you put the cifs.ko module (I use /sdcard/cifs/263217/cifs.ko).

    Now set up the shares. Menu->Add New Share.

    Share path: <your PCs IP/shareName>
    Mount point: /sdcard/share/tv2 <I made a dir called share on my sdcard for this>
    Username: guest <since I have simple shares from my PC - no password>
    Save the share.

    Press the share to activate it. If all is well, it will be mounted & you can browse to it with rockplayer/astro/etc and see your files.

    I think that should set you up. The is how I used to manually mount the dirs via "adb shell" before I had CifsManager set up.
  5. bmabry

    bmabry Member

    This is great ap42! Thanks for the instructions! I plan to set it up this weekend and will let you know how it goes...

    Thanks again!
  6. radix

    radix New Member

    Nice job ap42! I used this with the newest Virtuous build 3.1.0 kernel and tested both cifs.ko and tun.ko successfully. I used CifsManager to test SMB mounts and get-a-robot-vpnc to test VPN. Thanks for the good work!
  7. The--Captain

    The--Captain New Member

    I can confirm that these modules work on stock EVO kernel if the files are edited such that all occurrences of the string g9a2fc16 within all files ending in .ko are replaced with gee577fd (I used the "vi" editor on my EVO to adjust the .ko files, and it worked just fine!)

    The editing is necessary to adjust the version strings of the modules so that they are compatible (in the eyes of the module loader) with the running kernel version (in this case

    Hope that helps someone somewhere...


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