Cinci bell unboxing for the B2

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  1. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

  2. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    Wow they really did steal eugene's rom! Right down to the android splash screen. As well as the old outdated astro app!
  3. boloj

    boloj Active Member

    Wow they copy and pasted BH_Man's rom. Even the connect music player I wonder if they can do that i think the Connect Music Players is copyright of Motorola
  4. cheenachatze

    cheenachatze Well-Known Member

    Did you notice how fast this thing boots? It took less than one minute from the moment he pressed the button until the wallpaper appeared. It takes about two minutes on my phone..
  5. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    Not to mention they kept the modified X10 Digital Clock Widget from Eugene!! :rolleyes: These guys are calling it their MODIFIED version but in reality it is Eugene's Modified version. They need to give credit where it is due!
  6. dctony2010

    dctony2010 Active Member

    Were there any problem's with Eugene's mod such as no sound, vibrate, or camera? If so, I wonder if Cinci Bell's version fixed those issues.
  7. psz

    psz Well-Known Member

    Only the Galaxy ROMs ever had those problems. And that was only because Galaxy drivers don't work 100% on the Behold II.

    NONE of the other 1.6 ROMs ever had vibrate or camera issues.

    Take5, however, did have more FC's than the OEM 1.6 Tweaked, due to being based on a "Leaked" version of 1.6, and not a "Final" version.

    Take5 appears, pretty outright, to be the ROM on those phones.
  8. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    Is that the one that looks like TuneWiki?
  9. boloj

    boloj Active Member

    Yeah that's the one
  10. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    Is the apk available somewhere to push? I've wanted to search for it, but I wasn't sure what it's name was.
  11. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

    here you go MusicPlayer.apk i think this is the right one i just renamed it to push it through adb but you can install with astro or any file manager
  12. bakasamaz

    bakasamaz Active Member

    any developers out there who get their hands on to this device willing to port over the rom for us to enjoy?? :p
    I heard Cinci Bell use the same tower as T-mobile!? so this is an identical product in and out !?? porting the rom should be piece a cake yes??
  13. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

    this rom is take5. bh_man made it. you can download it on androidspin
  14. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

    I would still like to confirm this. Even if it is BH_MAN's ROM they may have made some changes for performance or stability (not that it wasn't already good).
  15. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Their is a Cincinnati Bell store down the street that has one on demo I looked at it yesterday and to me it looks like Take5.
  16. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    Didn't Take5 use the ring battery indicator? It's been a while, but I thought it did.
  17. bakasamaz

    bakasamaz Active Member

    Okay Framework wise I would say it's probably take5 but kernel wise it's the latest Samsung's NOT pre-released like the one on take5.
    I wish someone like Nu11u5, Bhman and microhaxo could port this rom over! now the question is who has this phone on hands and willing to dump the rom :D
  18. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    The bigger question is who even uses Cincinnati Bell? Lol my guess is that if someone does use cinci and did by some fluke buy this pos they would probably be very uninformed and have no clue how to or desire to do a system dump
  19. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Actually around in this area Cincinnati Bell has the best 3G coverage. My friend has the 3G Blaze through them and the speedtest says his phone smokes mine even when I am in hspa.

    I get around 5MB down and he gets around 7MB.

    The problem is when you leave the area your stuck on at&t.
  20. bakasamaz

    bakasamaz Active Member

    Based on the spec of cinci website : 3G 1700/2100 MHz meaning they use T-Mobile 3G frequency bands. that's weird if your phone roamed to ATT??:confused: hmm...

    Oopps on second thought!! I found this of Google: AT&T Wireless and Cincinnati Bell Sign GSM/GPRS Roaming Agreement. :p
    They use Tmobile 3G access only within Cinci own coverage area and ATT GSM/GPRS outside.
  21. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    They do not use T-mobile's network by its self. Their whole local coverage is T-mobile plus their own 3G only network overlaying it. Basically my friend's Cincinnati Bell phone can use all the towers my Slide uses plus 3G towers I can't use. But once he leaves the local area he is stuck with at&t.
  22. mmandros

    mmandros Well-Known Member

    It did/does. I just got the time today to flash the new v3 rom. There must be some mods.
  23. coolshades

    coolshades Well-Known Member

    I wonder if BH_MAN can confirm this with his inside source, or may even get a ROM dump?!! :rolleyes:


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