Cincinnati Bell 4G Compatible Phones

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  1. caldwedk

    caldwedk New Member

    So I saw Cincinnati Bell jumped on the 4G bandwagon, and I want to upgrade, but I don't care for the off-brand Huawei X. Does anyone know if another carriers unlocked 4G phones would be compatible with Cincinnati Bell's network? I had a hard time finding a 3G alternative from another network and don't want to waste any money.

  2. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Make sure you check the coverage map. The 4g area is tiny. The Ascend x is a nice phone. It's known as the Huawei ideos x6 in the rest of the world. A guy in the x6 section of the forum has screenshots of his benchmark test scores and it tests out over some high end phones.

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