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    Set Cpu
    Must Have Root For This App

    Setcpu is a must have for citrus users as well as just about any android user. the citrus is a low end device and cant handle some of the more power hungry apps even the launcher is slow at times and can be laggy but if you use SetCpu on performance mode it can be a much smoother experience i use it on on-demand mode which is the next best setting and it also saves battery life.



    Price: $1.99

    Open market and search setcpu

    The MotoBlur launcher is just slow and can be frustrating at times i suggest replacing it.

    Adw. Launcher

    Review (not made by me) :


    open market and search adw launcher



    As you open applications and exit them to open another the apps stay open in the background these apps are use to free up memory by killing background apps that are causing your device to run slower.

    SystemPanel app/task killer

    Price:paid ($2.99), lite (free)



    Open market and search "system panel"

    Advanced Task Killer

    Price: Paid($4.99). Lite(free)


    Review (not mine):

    Open market and search advanced task killer



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