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  1. youngdoc

    youngdoc Well-Known Member

    I noticed a charge for $1.99 on my Verizon bill today that had no explanation except "data," which made no sense. I looked back through my past bills and sure enough, the charge was there in April, May, and June, associated with my Thunderbolt, which I purchased in March. Not a coincidence.

    I called Verizon, and the charge was for my "use" of the City ID bloatware. As far as I know, I never opened that useless app until last week, when I uninstalled it. I had it on my Incredible as well (and maybe even my Eris) and never used it/was never charged for it. I have no idea why I was being charged for it on my TBolt. I complained and Verizon removed the charges.

    All the more reason to follow these instructions:

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  2. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    If nothing popped up telling you that the trial had stopped and if you would like to continue using it for said price. Then I would be telling verizon to return my money. As you didn't install city id but they did.
  3. robrecht

    robrecht Well-Known Member

    Stupid bloatware. Good catch, youngdoc.
  4. That sounds a little dishonest on VZW part. I don't like dishonesty.
  5. nyrmetros

    nyrmetros Well-Known Member

    correct. All the more reason to uninstall the crap THEY put on hoping you don't notice the bill.
  6. dave_n_s

    dave_n_s New Member

    If you're a victim of this (as my wife was), call and ask for your money back. They'll explain that they didn't make the charge, City ID did. Explain you haven't used it and want something done about it and have no business relationship with City ID, but you do with Verizon, whose poor security allowed this to happen.

    Suggest a goodwill credit equivalent to the number of months that you've been billed and you will find they will pay up if asked nicely

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