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  1. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Hi all...I posted this a few days ago but there weren't any responses so I'm thinking I must be alone in this problem...about twice a DAY, my phone will arbitrarily "switch" to show my city as Hong Kong, and it will show the time as Hong Kong time. I am in California! This messes with the clock (obviously) and my call history. I can't rely on the alarm clock because the location will just change in the the middle of the night. I am going CRAZY!!! Anyone else having this problem?!?!?!

  2. waynester

    waynester Well-Known Member

    Hong Kong ?
    have any other clock widgets going?
    is hong kong on your list of "other" cities?
    seems like I had a prob re dif city than my home
    think it was because I had other cities in list by default and didnt change/delete them
  3. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    No, I have no other clock widgets, other than what came on the phone. I have no interest in Hong Kong, and have never even typed the WORDS Hong Kong on my phone so I have NO clue how it keeps changing to show that that's where I am. It's so unbelievably frustrating...I have tried going into the "list" of cities, and while my phone shows me in Hong Kong, there is no way to delete Hong Kong. Once I fiddle with it, and get it BACK to my real city, Hong Kong doesn't even show up in the list of locations any longer...
  4. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    I started having this issue today. My HTC clock widget is now showing my current location as Beijing even though I'm in Connecticut. It's driving me crazy!
  5. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Oh my gosh - I'm sorry Rick! So far, nobody at Verizon has been able to help, and the answer I got from the folks at HTC was to do a "soft reset" (turn the phone off and disconnect the battery for a few seconds). That worked until the phone did it's "usual" afternoon or middle of the night "switch" to Hong Kong. They said if that didn't work, I'd have to do a "factory reset" in which case I'll lose everything in my phone. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO annoyed!!! If you are able to figure this out will you PRETTY PLEASE come back to this post and tell me how you got it fixed...?
  6. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    If I figure it out, I'll be more than happy to share that with you, but so far nothing has worked. I'm a bit impatient, so I might be inclined to do a hard reset before too long though.
  7. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Ok, so I just went to Verizon (for the third time...) and supposedly spoke to someone who actually knows about this problem. He told me it is a software problem that needs a "fix" but the way to get around the problem is to delete the "desk phone" off of your home screen. So, I no longer have the BIG digital clock on my home screen which sort of irritates me since I can't see very well (and I loved that big digital clock...). He then added some weather program so I can still have the weather on my home screen but I'm not happy with the way the home page looks now. I LOVED the big digital clock. Anyway, he was messing with my phone for about 5 minutes so I'm not sure if he changed any other settings, but from what I can tell, everything is the same. He said the glitch has to do with my location being at the same latitude and longitude as Hong Kong and that's what's creating the problem but frankly that doesn't make sense (or wouldn't my phone be 12 hours off, not 15?!?!?). Anyway, he said the factory reset will only work temporarily (just like my "soft reset" only worked temporarily). I will report back in a few days to let you know if this worked....
  8. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Well, if I remembered anything about longitude and latitude, this might make sense to me but here's what I found about my city versus the Chinese city where my phone keeps "changing" to...
    The city I'm REALLY in is:

    33 degrees, 44', 44" North latitude
    117 degrees, 49', 31" west Longitude

    Xuzhou (the actual Chinese city that shows up) is:
    34 degrees, 16', 0" north latitude
    117 degrees, 11', 30" EAST Longitude

    So, I guess the numbers are close enough for the "latitude and longitude" to be the problem with the software somehow, but my real city is WEST Longitude and Xuzhou is EAST Longitude.

    Anyway, who knows...I just hope the problem goes away once and for all. :confused:
  9. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    Mine is back to normal, but I don't think it had anything to do with anything I did. I tried the soft reset, removing the battery, etc. - all to no avail. My location still said Beijing and my time was off by 12 hours. So, I manually set my time to Eastern Time and deleted the clock/weather widget off my home page and replaced it with the one that shows the time you set along with the current time where the phone thinks you are - 2 small digital clocks. Hey - at least I could see the right time.

    At some point this afternoon, things switched back. I looked at the home page and both clocks were showing my current location time and the right location. I went into settings and switched back to setting the time automatically using the network and everything was back to normal.

    Like I said, I don't think it was anything I did. If it starts acting up again I'll let you know.

    Good luck with your issue!
  10. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Well, as of this morning, I am back in China, 15 hours ahead of my real time. The thing that is SO bloody frustrating is that nobody at HTC or Verizon seems to really be able to help. I just sent yet another e-mail to HTC and if they can't fix this, they better just send me a new freaking phone because I am seriously fed up. My blood pressure must shoot up 50% when I pick up my phone and see the time 15 hours ahead...:mad:

    Let me know what happens with your situation...
  11. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    I certainly understand your frustration. I wasn't able to even put up with it for a few hours and I know that, if the problem hadn't resolved itself, once I got out of work I would have done a hard reset to see if that fixed it. I'm just not patient enough with these issues. So far, mine seems to be holding steady. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.
  12. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    You might try this:

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Network Location > Clear Data
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  13. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    I'll try to remember to try this if my issue comes back. Hopefully, it will help with Allycat659's problem.
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  14. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Thanks for that tip - it was an easier way to get my phone "back" to the correct time and place but I'm not too hopefuly that will be a lasting solution since my phone arbitrarily "switches" once or twice a day. I do appreciate the "quicker fix" though!
  15. xitty

    xitty New Member

    This didn't work for my Evo. It has moved me from Tennessee to Hamburg, Germany.
  16. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Didn't work for me either. The stupid people at Verizon can't fix it, and the people at HTC said I need to "mail my phone to them to fix it". Oh - ok. Because I don't NEED my phone, so let me just do that. I am so irritated my blood boils every day when I look at the effing clock and it says I am in Xuzhou....
  17. BatBru

    BatBru New Member

    I get the same thing and it is very frustrating. Getting ready to throw the phone back at Verizon. I read another post (i hope the quote works) where someone was getting the same problem in Tustin, CA. That is mainly where I have the problem. The Lat & Lon keep getting confused. When I leave the area, it eventually fixes itself. Unfortunately, I live in that area. Not sure if it is a problem with the phone, or tower.

  18. Texag94

    Texag94 Member

    I'm having a similar issue now. My clock/weather widget shows my location as "hearne, tx" which is about 25 miles away from where I actually am. I'm at my desk at work and up until an hour ago, the widget has always displayed "College Station" (which is correct).

    Weird and annoying.
  19. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Bat Bru - I am the person who started this thread and yes, I am in Tustin CA too! That's where I live, so I am here pretty much always here (don't leave the area very often), and, I have this issue every single day. I'm begining to really hate this phone. Now, I'm having a "new" issue in google where it says "location unavailable". Nothing I have done so far fixes this. So much fun...

    TexAg94, at least your phone stays in the same time zone...mine shoots to 15 hours ahead, and takes me from Tustin CA to somewhere in China. *sigh*
  20. jaredkent

    jaredkent New Member

    My mom contacted me today with a problem she's having with her Incredible. I've never had this issue on mine, so I can't help her.

    The problem she is having is that her clock and weather are based on current location. She will find that randomly her current location will switch to some city across the world. They aren't the same city either. Today her clock reported that her current location was Hong Kong, while at the same time her weather reported some other city, and at the same time google maps showed her real current location.

    What is causing this problem? Is there a way to fix it? Should she just take it to Verizon and try and get a replacement?
  21. BatBru

    BatBru New Member

    Well I got my update last week and still having the issues. I've done soft resets, hard resets and now a replacement phone. Still having the issue. The manager of the Verizon store I go to supposed knows how to solve the issue and is circulating the fix. His fix....manually set the time and turn off the automatic updates. Ha! Glad I'm paying for this technology.

    Oh, last night my phone decided to leave China. I got to visit Karlova Ves, which is in Slovakia. Hope my work contacts enjoy me sending email from there. What a POS.
  22. cartisdm

    cartisdm Well-Known Member

    Yeah....I'm in Reigate and Banstead (UK). Fuuuuuun.....
  23. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    Hi all - I am the one who originally posted this thread, and I am still having the same problem, even after the update. As a matter of fact, as I sit here and look at my LOVELY my TUSTIN CALIFORNIA, my phone is apparently outside of itself, and is off again, playing around in Hong Kong. Obvioulsy, my phone's a hussy because it's 3:30 in the MORNING in Hong Kong! WTH is she DOING there at that unGodly hour?!?!? She better use her "Bewitched" skills and get her ass back here and climb RIGHT back into her "Incredible" shell....

    I know I'm a dork but really, humor is the only thing that keeps me from placing this lovely device underneath my car tire and SLOWLY backing over it, enjoying EVERY little crackle and crunch whilst it gets broken into ten million pieces (of crap...).

    BatBru, which Verizon have you gone to in Tustin? I go to the on on Jamboree Road and the last time I was there they were SO rude I wanted to punch the little weasle in the face (what...? I don't have anger issues?!?!?). :eek:)
  24. Allycat659

    Allycat659 Member

    BTW...I'm really just kidding about it being a piece of crap. Other than the "clock" thing, I really do love this phone. Which is why I still have it. I'm just hoping SOMEONE will eventually be able to help me get it fixed...
  25. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Has anyone tried replacing the HTC weather/clock widget with Beautiful Widgets? I think I've read other threads where this has worked for some?

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