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  1. jakubklos

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    This place is used to discuss user experiences and feedback for the City Traffic app


    City Traffic provides the current traffic information, cameras, favorites, groups, parking, speed cameras, maps and density for many countries world-wide.

    The main features are:

    Cameras: List more than 500 locations and thousands of traffic cameras in a smooth list and grid view
    Favorites: Manage your favorite cameras and change the order by dragging the images
    Groups: Organize your favorites into groups that you can view and manage
    Import / Export: Import and export your favorites to a text file
    Density: View the traffic density updated every 15 min. Green is flowing, Orange is slow, Red is blockage and Black is the highest and slowest
    Map: Display cameras, favorites, accidents, closures and traffic density
    Closures: View the closures and their planned maintenance schedule and avoid them
    Accidents: View the accidents and avoid them
    Radars: View the radars and watch your speed
    Parking: View the parking places
    Meteo: View the meteo information
    Synchronization: Synchronize automatically with the on-line database to receive the latest traffic information
    Find: Find cameras and favorites directly in the view

    Supported countries are:

    United States
    United Kingdom
    Czech Republic
    and others

    City Traffic is a must have if you do not want to end up in a terrible traffic jam and simply want to plan your trip efficiently.

  2. stormrider3

    stormrider3 New Member

    Hi everyone.
    This is my first post and i am probably missing the obvious, ut can anybody tell me how to use the app? All i can get is Prague cameras.
    How do i get uk. thanks in advance.

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