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  1. veniceboy

    veniceboy Member

    Dear all,
    I am going back to Europe soon and I would like to know for sure if the exhibit 2 is going to be able to use the 3G network. There it is usually at 2100Mhz. I read that people had problem abroad.
    I read a lot of post and people here and there say it should work but for example the guy here said it did not work for him
    The guy at the end of his thread said it used it in Europe: .
    Anybody really able to use it? Shall i do something in order to connect to the 3G network? I have unlocked it, but I did not root it.
    it could be useful for everybody, soon or late everybody is gonna take a vacation abroad.

  2. afruscione

    afruscione Member

    Did you ever find an answer to that. I am in Italy and I cannot connect to the 3G network....
  3. veniceboy

    veniceboy Member

    I am italian, I went to Italy and Netherland and no 3G network. Not working.

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