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  1. misterbaklao

    misterbaklao New Member

    So...all of my loser friends with iphones play clash of clans and I really want to play the game, but for some reason, androids, which are clearly the superior phone with the superior os does not have this game. Does anyone know if the clash of clan producers will be making it compatible for androids anytime soon?

  2. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    Hello misterbaklao. There is a game exactly like it for androids "dragon empire" there is a few games using this name, so make sure you look at the images/screenshots. The game has been out for 2 months. It currently doesnt have a guild section but a number of us have posted this on the forum. i believe. Im hooked already and have currently spent
  3. misterbaklao

    misterbaklao New Member

    Oh thanks a lot! I'm downloading this very moment
  4. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    You're welcome :)
    Also a quick note, Some of the suggestions i made last night have been implemented, No, Not any guilds yet lol. Let me know if you need any help.
  5. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    There has been an update today, Still no guilds yet but im sure they will implement this. That will probably cause some bugs when it comes into affect.
  6. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    Another update for "Dragon Empire" today for androids only at the moment, The alliance castle is an additional feature. I have a clan i created if anyone is interested :)
  7. BOOGSoftball

    BOOGSoftball New Member

    Found this site searching for a Clash of Clans game for this! Just joined, and you can get free gems by entering my invite code: ***code deleted by mod***. Click the arrow on the right side of the screen to enter. You get 10 free gems in doing so.

    Sibeto..what clan did you make?
  8. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    Hello Boogsoftball, My clan is "Mob Squad"
    How are you finding the game ?
  9. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    This is true, The Clash of Clans will not be moving over to android, That is why "Dragon Empire" Has a chance within the android market. Clash of Clans have lost out on money tbh.
  10. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    The alliance castle is now fully operational, that includes in game chat to your "alliance members" Bugs are being ironed out quite frequently. I hope this attracts more players :)
  11. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    No, Supercell have stated that this is not the case. I hope Dragon Empire thrives well as i know many people are paying for gems, Supercell is losing out on a massive revenue. A very bad choice of business :)
  12. Weeneri

    Weeneri New Member

    I read one article from some Finnish computer magazine. They were at Supercell's new office's opening party, witch i think was Nokia's if i remember right. In the article, Supercell's CEO told, that they are not doing Clash of Clans for money, they are doing it for fun.

    But i still hope it would come to Android. BTW going to download Dragin Empire.
  13. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    heh, of course they are doing it just for fun ;)
    Please do Weeneri, More the merrier, If you need any help then just ask.
  14. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Jungle heat is much the same only with soldiers rather than dragons.

    Been playing it for a couple of days now and restraining myself from buying some gems.

    Edit ... restraint crumbled
  15. Sibeto

    Sibeto Member

    The troops are used in Dragon Empire, The dragons are spells. To disarm walls/defences.
  16. umangpawar

    umangpawar New Member

    Hey now clash of clan is on Android
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