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  1. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    We all know the Google I/O is almost upon us and that the newest version of Android is around the corner. The familiar faces in aftermarket ROMs have been busy as usual.

    Cyanogenmod - just released their second RC for CM10.1 - The end is near

    AOKP - Has atleast 1 Milestone build - well known for extensive customization

    Paranoid Android - Stable PA 3.15 build and Alpha 3.5 build - Introduced PIE controls and Halo to us

    There are numerous other ROMs out there, but let's be honest most of their coding is based off of the three listed above.

    The point of this thread isn't to play favorites or make people upset, but the question is simple:

    Which ROM has brought more to us in Android 4.2?

  2. SquirrelNuts

    SquirrelNuts Well-Known Member Contributor

    PA, without a doubt... Never heard of them before 2 months ago, but the features are ridiculous...
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  3. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    CyanogenMod is the standard with AOSP roms. I don't personally use them, but many developers use CM as the foundations of their own ASOP rom, and devices that don't have CM support are generally dead as a developer community. PA and AOKP bring great things to the devices they support, and I personally use AOKP on my Nexus 4 until I can get my own port of Elemental X figured out.
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  4. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    I'm an AOKP guy myself. Running the latest nightly and I love the ribbon feature. I've played with Halo but it isn't fully flesh out, but I knew that before giving it the old college try. And built in pie is cool, but I like LMT's app based implementation and have used it on and off since ICS on my now retired GNex. I give the nod to AOKP because of the way they implement things so nicely and generally bug free. It's been a long time since I remember a buggy AOKP release.

  5. desarenezitic

    desarenezitic Well-Known Member

    PA for sure, only ROM I've used on my Nexus and not even considered a change, PIE is awesome, use 100% full screen mode all the time and HALO will become as indispensable I'm sure. I try to use PIE when I'm holding a phone that isn't mine, it's ridiculous.
  6. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    Dirty Unicorns for me..

    AOKP is awesome, but missing a couple features that I appreciate a lot...

    Dirty Unicorns makes up for that :)

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