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  1. costarican

    costarican Well-Known Member

    what is that? lol

  2. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    The SD Association defines standard speed classes indicating minimum performance to record video.
    Both read and write speeds must exceed the specified value. These are defined in terms of suitability
    for different applications:

    Class 2 for SD video recording
    Class 4 and 6 for HD ~ Full HD video recording,
    Class 10 for Full HD video recording and HD still consecutive recording
    UHS Speed Class 1 for real-time broadcasts and large-size HD videos
  3. costarican

    costarican Well-Known Member

    i dont record anything with my phone i use for basic things pictures, apps and all that will that one work? if so should i do a fat format
  4. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    the average user will not notice the differences between sd classes. the only time you will really notice a differences is when running speed tests like antutu and saving pictures might take a few seconds longer. now if your using a phone with limited amount of memory where its beneficial to use an app like appstosd then i would say a class 10 is warranted. other than that there really nice to have but not really a necessity. i have a class 6 16gb and it suits me just fine. and for the fat format, just format the card in the device your using it in and you dont have to worry what file system type to use. the phone will do all that for you.
  5. costarican

    costarican Well-Known Member

    oh cuz i remember using a 16 gb class 4 and it started acting really dumb like itll tell me theres nothing with the sd card and stuff like that
  6. Bard

    Bard Well-Known Member Developer

    If you copy files often (music, video and other media files), it's worth to spend few more buck to get higher class Micro SD card.

    I often watch tv series with my phone so having class 10 definitely reduced the transfer time between PC to the card.

    This is the Micro SD card I use (G.Skill 32GB Class 10). I just bought the 3rd one when it was on sale during black Friday ($20). - G.SKILL 32GB Micro SDHC Flash Card w/ SD Adapter Model FF-TSDG32GA-C10

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