Class10 MicroSD and Game performance.Tips

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  1. MartinLosha

    MartinLosha New Member

    Hello guys ....
    My name is Martin and i am new in the forum ....

    I have a Xperia Neo V and so far i am very happy with my phone.
    The only problem is that some HD games lag a little bit.I am talking about games like Real Racing 2 and Fifa 12.
    I have the stock 2GB microsd and there is only room for 1 game in there. I will buy a new microds class 10 , 16GB. Will this card help the games maybe run a little smoother ?

    Thank you and God bless you.

  2. MartinLosha

    MartinLosha New Member

    Somebody ?
    Anybody ?
  3. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Before you do that I'd suggest to close all the apps that you are not using before you start playing the games you mentioned just to ensure that the phone will have enough available memory to run the game properly.
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  4. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    Hi Martin, Which version of Android are you running on your phone? Because I have noticed that several users have also faced lags while using ICS.

    If you are running on stock ICS, then make sure you've done a factory data reset after the update to ICS, and whenever your phone slows down, switch off your phone and switch it on again.

    Also, I'd suggest upgrading your card to at least an 8 GB one, as that would help you install more games and other media as well. Also, ensure that you go for at least a class 4 card (though personally I prefer a class 10 card for its speed)

    Also, note that not all games run on the stock ICS, for example "Riptide GP" usually crashes on this build and so does "GTA III", so to rectify that I had installed a custom ROM. If you are willing to do this to play games, then you can check out my rooting guide.. lol

    Regards ;)

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