Classic vs. Value Plan?

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  1. khoikn

    khoikn New Member

    Just started a new two-year plan and got an S3 and a Blackberry.
    Got the phones through the Magenta Deal Days sale so we had to opt for a Value Plan.

    The question is: Which is better in the long run? Classic or Value?
    Right now we have 1000 minutes+Unlimited Text+Unlimited Data for $133.30 monthly (corporate discount of 15 percent included)

    However, I was informed that Value plans do not include subsidized phones for when we upgrade.
    So, hypothesizing that the new Samsung Galaxy SIV or V (later) will be same price as the current SGSIII, what would be the better deal?

    Getting a Classic plan and paying slightly more monthly and getting a discounted price?
    Or keeping a Value plan and getting reduced monthly payments and having to pay full price for an upgrade?

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    When you do the math, getting a Value Plan and buying phones outright is the best deal.
  3. pappabacon

    pappabacon Well-Known Member

    I have the value plan, 2 phones with 2gb of data is $89, a month total.
  4. khoikn

    khoikn New Member

    Okay, so with my Value plan after 24 months, the plan would drop to about $100.
    With T-Mobile's financing, we pay an additional $40 ($20+$15+$5) a month for 24 months.
    Which totals to $960 plus the down payment on the phones (79.99+149.99+39.99) = $269.97

    $960+$269.97 = $1229.97 total paid for all 3 devices.

    After that, I assume that the newest Galaxy S device in 24 months will cost $549.99 like it is on T-Mobile right now.
    Compared to the unlocked model of the phone which costs around $609.99

    In comparing plans, a comparable Classic Plan to the one I am currently using would cost around $165.99
    My Value plan is $133.30 so that's a difference of $32.69 monthly with a total of $760.32 savings for 24 months.
    So, with those savings, I have to have enough to purchase two new comparable smartphones and a feature phone?

    Could someone please explain this to me?
    I fail to see how we save money?
  5. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Apparently you're figuring the cost of 3 new devices but only 2 lines of service.
  6. khoikn

    khoikn New Member

    My plan includes 3 lines of service.
  7. Carolina Media

    Carolina Media Well-Known Member

    Your phones are financed and paid off in 20 months, not 24 months. Meaning your bill will drop after the first 20 months of your contract.

    To figure out exactly what you're saving you need to tell us what type of features are on your plan (how many minutes, data, insurance,etc).

    General rule of thumb is that pretty much all Classic Plan rate plans are $20 more expensive than their Value Plan counterparts.

    For example: Let's say you wanted new lines, 3 Galaxy S3s on Unlimited Everything (including data).

    Classic Plan
    You will pay $329.99 each upfront for all 3 phones $990. Your rate plan would be $229.98 for 24 months. This comes out to $6506.52 over the course of 24 months for the phones and service. You do get $50 mail in rebates for buying the GS3 on the Classic Plan so you can subtract $150 from the total.

    Value Plan
    You will pay $149.99 each upfront for all three phones ($450). Factoring in the additional $20 for 20 months on the phones, your rate plan would be $249.98 per month ($4,899.60 for the first 20 months). For the last 4 months after the $20 payments drop off your rate plan would be $189.98 per month ($759.92). Coming out to a total of $5,659.52 over the course of the 24 months for the phones and service.

    Honestly there is no reason to ever choose the Classic Plan unless you're buying a feature phone because the phones only cost like $9.99.

    Also when you set up a Value Plan the money that you're paying per month to pay off the phone goes to a credit line. So technically whenever you have a high enough balance of credit, you can get a new phone rather than waiting the whole 20 months like you have to on Classic. Like if you paid your bill for 12 months with the 3 GS3s and you wanted to get the GS4 next year, by that time you would have $720 of available credit for financing phones. This means you could pay the $199 down payment or whatever T-Mobile requires and get the GS4. It would just add $20 to your bill for the next 20 months of your contract.
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