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  1. waxlrose

    waxlrose Well-Known Member

    What is the best solution to use? Is Windex ok? I don't know what I think about Rubbing Alchohol. I've seen it leave some weird "stains".

    I want to have a good really clean screen before I put my PhantomSkinz on.

  2. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    NOT WINDEX. Windex and plastics are a very bad idea. Nothing with ammonia.

    Isopropyl alcohol should work fine, the purer the better (but normal 70% is fine). I'd probably just use water and a microfiber cloth, and then maybe a quick wipe with a 70% isopropyl wipe. Just let it dry completely before applying.
  3. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    Products sold for cleaning eyeglass lenses are OK when applied sparingly with a microfiber cloth. Apply all liquids to the cloth, not directly to the phone.
  4. ashorty

    ashorty Active Member

    eye glass cleaner, apply on soft cloth, wipe. Do not apply directly on screen, clean camera lens also
  5. waxlrose

    waxlrose Well-Known Member

    Really? I use windex on CD's and DVDs all the time. I've read it's suggested to use it.

    Would this be a decent microfiber cloth
  6. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Ok, to be thorough, it really depends on the kind of plastic. Netflix uses it to clean their discs. Lexan (the stuff cd's are made of) is fine, but generally I'd avoid it. It can also do nasty stuff to rubber. Google "Ammonia and plastic" and you'll get a lot of stories about people damaging stuff that way.

    That cloth looks fine, but I usually like finer knit cloths. Like this...just about anywhere that sells sunglasses will carry something like that for a couple bucks max.
  7. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Well-Known Member

    I use the pre=moistened lens cleaning tissues. They work really well for getting oil and prints off the screen protector and case.
  8. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Well-Known Member

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  9. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

  10. Reverence

    Reverence Well-Known Member

    I usually just use the little cloth that came with my screen protectors and it gets rid of fingerprints just fine. However, I do have an LCD cleaner for my monitors that would probably work pretty well, but the cloth alone does the trick.
  11. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    I tried some Kensington screen cleaner once and it left a residue (it came off OK though). There are probably different formulas though. Currently I'm using non-alcohol eyeglass cleaner from Walmart.
  12. VentureForth

    VentureForth Well-Known Member

    I'm having real trouble cleaning the Gorilla Glass on my Captivate. I can get a pretty nice glean, but there are two stripes that look like finger stripes right down the middle that don't seem to want to come off. They look like residue of some sort. I've used all kinds of cleaners, but nothing works at all. May look for some sort of glass polish, but I'd hate to get that in the crevices and speaker...

    Any ideas?
  13. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    Make me wonder if it's gotten etched or had a coating partly removed or something (just guessing though) - maybe it would look fine if you put a screen protector on there?
  14. AeolianReflex

    AeolianReflex Well-Known Member

    I have used 90% isopropyl alcohol since day one and have had great results. The residue left behind is finger oils that need to be gently wiped from the surface..
  15. phrnk

    phrnk Member

    if all else fails, read your device's manual.
  16. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

    I use Monster Screen Cleaner I purchased for my TV and Laptop. It works great and I use the cloth I got with my Zagg to wipe it clean. Really, I would think anything that you use to clean eye glasses or TV screens should work fine.
  17. Ruark

    Ruark Member

    Absolutely. Next time you're around a mall, stop by an optical chain and pick up one of those little bottles of glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Works great.
  18. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    I used eye glass cleaner and it made it really hard to swype my fingers.

    It could have been an isolated incident however.

    So I naturally would recommend only using drop of water and microfiber cloth.
  19. TXSooner

    TXSooner Well-Known Member

    How do you clean the little groove around the screen? Like for instance to the right and left of the speaker (the red speaker on the front)? I can see some dirt down in that groove.
  20. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    Run the tip of a wooden toothpick through it.
  21. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    I use the corner of a piece of paper.
  22. WBMc36

    WBMc36 Well-Known Member

    that is smart, i have used needles before to clean it, just have to be careful about where you put it.
  23. Taylored

    Taylored Well-Known Member

    i use folded paper to clean out the grooves.
    Just use a clean, dry microfiber(fleece sweater works just as well) cloth to clean the screen.
  24. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    I use a q-tip to get between the side and the screen. and just a micro cloth to clean the screen. there's never anything on it that can't get off...
  25. HolyGrail

    HolyGrail Well-Known Member

    This ^^

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