cleaning dust out of lg optimus g?Support

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  1. khobbs

    khobbs Member

    Anyone know how I can clean this bad boy? I'm a welder so dust is imminent, but I don't want to bung up this phone right away. I cant take it apart due to the tork screws or whatever they are. And they don't make dust proof cases for these that I can find.
    Its mostly getting into the speakers since theyre magnetic.
    Any tips?

    Thanks all

    Edit I gently blow the speakers every few days with compressed air but I still imagine lots will get into the circuits etc.

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  2. CapoKees

    CapoKees New Member

    Don `t blow with compressed air! You just blow it in the Phone,better is to use a vacuum cleaner at low power.
  3. CapoKees

    CapoKees New Member

    And when you use during your work put it in a small closed plastic bag to prevent it from dust.

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