Cleaning the 'Incredible' or any 'Android' phone?

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  1. chaosphere33

    chaosphere33 Member

    Anyone have any tips, trick or advice on cleaning the phone in general as a whole? I have a body glove brand case on there now, a screen protector film over the screen, and JUST got the phone, so its clean now, but it looks like dust and other things will eventually take over the corners and etc. I just want to know if there is any good tools, cleaning solutions that are good to clean there smart phones without damaging them.

    Thank You!

  2. c_aus

    c_aus Disabled

    I've used an aerosol window cleaner in the past, one that is marked 'safe for tinted windows.' It is generally intended for cars, however, it did a great job at keeping my Blackberry very clean. You can always get a microfiber cleaning cloth as well at Target, Walmart, etc, and they are washable.
  3. i VTAK

    i VTAK Well-Known Member

  4. chaosphere33

    chaosphere33 Member

    @ i VTAK: I actually dont work anywhere near grease or any kind of typical contractor job. I work in an office and use it in my house and out/about. I figured using a microfiber cloth and a qutip, maybe some solution or taking the case off here and there would work and seems like it just is as simple as doing what you said

    Thanks to both of you!
  5. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Microfiber is always useful. There's really nothing unique or special about cleaning Android devices.
  6. Isthmus

    Isthmus Well-Known Member

    yep I second that. Go to an eyeglass store and get your self some microfiber cloths for cleaning eye glasses. They work perfectly.
  7. mobil3gen

    mobil3gen Well-Known Member

    q-tip and rubbing alcohol does the trick for me =) for "under the hood" cleaning
  8. smaz1087

    smaz1087 Member

    Skim this thread, very entertaining end to the story!

    Just so I stay on topic, I use a little water w/ light soap and towel then microfiber cloth to polish her off. The phone I mean. :)

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