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Cleaning up the messy gallery!!

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  1. Really struggling to find an answer from google on this one...

    I've got the new samsung galaxy note 2 running jellybean. I've linked facebook, dropbox and google+ to my phone and it seems to have put all the images into the gallery. I dont really want this as it's completely messy and dropbox has a horrible way of organising images meaning i have about 200 folders in my gallery now. it's slow and a mess.

    I can delete the dropbox ones but this means deleting them from the server too, i dont want to do that...
    I also tried deleting the google + and facebook ones but there is no option for this. I've now found an un-sync facebook images. unticked this and sync'd. that didnt work. it's driving me mad. has anyone got a solution or is unlinking the accounts from my phone the only way to get around it?


  2. thatperson

    thatperson Well-Known Member

    Get Quickpic from the Play Store. A MUCH better gallery app than the stock one. You can hide folders and even exclude android from scanning them.
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  3. krysorfzesgz

    krysorfzesgz New Member

    go to your phone SETTINGS then ACCOUNTS look for your Facebook account then choose REMOVE ACCOUNT. it will remove everything fom FB on your phone. Try to refresh your GALLERY and you will see the FB albums are already removed then if you open FB again, if given option do not sync the FB albums again on your Galaxy Note 2.
  4. eddiez63

    eddiez63 New Member

    thank you! =)

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