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- CleanROM 5.0 -

  1. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member Guide

    Theirs no stopping this guy
    Great work Scott !!

    Version 5.0 - 8/10/2013
    • Added: Choice of 3 kernels; Stock, CleanKERNEL 1.89GHZ, CleanKERNEL 2.05GHZ
    • Added: Keyboard Selection in Aroma
    • Added: Ability to Choose AOSP Recent Apps or HTC Style Recent Apps
    • Added: Ability to choose up to 4 different 'App Stores' during install
    • Added: Misc battery saving tweaks
    • Added: A bunch of new Wallpapers
    • Updated: Google Play Store, AT&T VVM, and AT&T Messages
    • Changed: HTC Back Up is now optional in Aroma

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  2. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member Guide

    for those that haven't been paying attention
    Scott is up to CleanRom v5.2 now...
    In my opinion still the most stable Rom for the AT&T HTC One - Download CleanRom
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