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  1. Royalott

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    when I try to open the web or many files I get a box saying "Complete Action Using" and I select one. Then it asks me "Once or Always" I choose Always.

    Then it says to "Clear default settings by going to Settings> application manager>all

    I go to settings and that is as far as I get. Where the heck do I find the rest of it?

    How the heck do I get the tablet to except my choice and not ask me again.

  2. raytan

    raytan Member

    It should not ask you after you select always, but some times it gets buggy and keeps asking you.
    Do what you were doing Settings-application manager-all tab. then find the browser/ or browsers that you have installed on the device. When you click on the particular app it will show you the screen with the app info as well a a button to clear defaults. If the button is not selectable then no defaults have been set. If all that does not work try uninstalling any internet browsers that you installed(you won't be able to do this with the browser that was pre installed). Then just reinstall the apps and select the "use this selection always" again. This usually fixes the problem.
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